The Fayette Cooperating Preschool will offer innovative music classes to young children, ages 2-7. These “Magical Music Mornings” will introduce early learners to the artistry of voice and instrument, with play-based instruction from Sarah Smitha (of Candy Mountain Music) and Mick Jeffries (of The Lexingtones Ukulele Group). These Magical Music Mornings are made possible, in part, by a grant from the HSG Foundation at Blue Grass Community Foundation.

Sarah Smitha

A key part of what makes the Magical Music Mornings program innovative is that the main instructional goals are joy and connection. Young children who are engaged with music and actively participating in singing, moving, or playing the ukulele will find that music allows them to be expressive in new ways. Learning to express feelings through music can be a powerful tool in emotional development. According to the National Association for Music Education (, music instruction also has many other benefits. Learning music can help children develop their language and reasoning skills, improve their auditory skills, or learn pattern recognition (an important math skill). When music is introduced during the early childhood years, these lessons can spark curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

Mick Jeffries

The Magical Music Mornings program hopes to give families an understanding that music can be incorporated into children’s lives both formally through lessons and informally through play. “Offering these classes to the public for free allows families who may not have the means to participate in private music lessons with their young children to have access to a high quality instructional experience,” says Fayette Cooperating Preschool Director Mary Brenzel. Families who participate will better understand the value of music education and recognize that the term “musician” applies to many people, not just those who play an instrument.

By exposing young children and their families to the playful world of voice and instruments, the Magical Music Mornings program wants participants to value music and music instruction. Brenzel explains that this program has a broader goal as well: “Hopefully, participants will bring a new sense of wonder and appreciation to music in our local community, and this appreciation will grow to encompass the arts in general. We want to inspire young families to become strong supporters of local arts and artists of all kinds!”

The musicians teaching the Magical Music Mornings classes will be Sarah Smitha and Mick Jeffries. Sarah Smitha offers a unique, hands-on, interactive experience in which young children will enjoy songs, dances, movement play and exploration of instruments. As an instructor, she hopes to build confident, creative children who know their voices matter. Smitha wants to inspire a love for music. Mick Jeffries will be offering instructional experience with the ukulele during the Magical Music Mornings. Jeffries is a bon vivant music teacher who uses the culture and intrinsic good nature of the ukulele to encourage creativity through music. He believes that it’s a rare musical instrument that can be a toy, a comfort, a joy, a practice, and a passion! He describes the ukulele as “the instrument with a heart of gold.”

Magical Music Mornings will be offered on the following dates:

  • Saturday, November 16
  • Wednesday, January 22
  • Thursday, January 23
  • Saturday, February 1
  • Thursday, February 20
  • Friday, February 21

To register for one of the Magical Music Mornings, learn more.

You may also call the Fayette Cooperating Preschool to ask questions about the program or to register by phone: 859-276-6350