Why do we fundraise? Co-op conducts fundraisers throughout the school year to keep tuition low and improve our school. Fundraising allows us to make improvements and purchase toys, appliances, furniture, materials and equipment not included in the annual budget.

Our Kroger card fundraiser has a special incentive. For every dollar your family earns using the Kroger gift card, your child will earn 25 cents in a tuition refund. This does not sound like much, but the proceeds accrue more rapidly than you think making it easy to receive $100 or more in tuition refunds each year.

Shop Co-op’s Amazon.com Store

Co-op receives 4%-7.5% of purchases made after linking to Amazon from our website, plus we earn referral fees. Visit the site.

Kroger Gift Cards

Purchase a $5 Kroger Gift Card from Co-op. Recharge it at a Check-Out or at the Customer Service Desk using cash, check or credit card. Then, use the Gift Card to make your grocery or gas purchases. Kroger gives Co-op 4% of the amount charged to your Gift Card (i.e. 3% for Co-op, 1% for you)!

Meijer Community Rewards Key Tags

Have the Cashier scan your Meijer Community Rewards key tag prior to each purchase and Co-op will receive 1% of your purchase total. Key tags are free of charge. To receive your key tag, please register at meijer.com and enter our 6-digit code 782536.


Use this site to shop hundreds of favorite merchants (e.g., Wal-Mart, Land’s End, Staples) and earn an average of 5% for Co-op via each purchase. You simply register and indicate Code 0619967 for Co-op, then start shopping! You can also apply for a Schoolpop Visa card and use it to earn 1% for Co-op. Visit the site.

Boxtops and Tyson A+ labels

Collect these labels off participating food products and place them in marked boxes at either campus. (Note: We have discontinued the Campbell’s Labels program.)

Toner and Cell Phone Recycling

Place used cell phones and depleted cartridges from inkjet, laser and toner based printers in marked boxes at either campus. These will be turned into cash for our school.