2019-2020 Registration – Now Open!

Click here to see the 2019-2020 tuition schedule.

To register for a MORNING PRESCHOOL/PREK class (ages 3-5) at either our Clays Mill or Rosemont Garden campus: Click here to register

To register for the AFTERNOON preschool/preK class (ages 3-5) at our Clays Mill campus: Click here to register

To register for the EXPLORER class (for children who are age 2 on August 1, 2019): Click here to register

To register for the LEAP (Learning Enrichment through Active Play) class (for home-schooled children in grades K-2): Click here to register

Thank you for your interest in the Fayette Cooperating Preschool. We invite you to experience Co-op for yourself and discover why so many people say that Co-op is a wonderful place for children! If you have more questions or would like to schedule a visit, please contact us.

Financial Aid forms are available upon request for the Preschool classes.

Parents will receive written notification that their child has been accepted for Co-op. In order to confirm enrollment, parents must pay a deposit equal to ten percent of total tuition. The non-refundable registration and supply fee is $225 per family.

Co-op offers several Tuition Payment Plans: annual, semi-annual, and monthly. For more information, please read the Tuition Payment Agreement which is the second page of each registration form.


Camp Co-op Coming Soon! – Registration opens online on March 11th!



FIRST SESSION June 3‐June 13

“Gak and Slime and Bubbles, Oh My! ”

9 am–12 pm or 1 pm -4 pm,  Mondays through Thursdays

Explore all those wonderful, ooey-gooey concoctions made with water, cornstarch, glue, borax and more.  Roll up your sleeves (or not!) and dig into the amazing world of chemical concoctions. Click the link below to register for Camp 1:



SECOND SESSION June 17‐June 27

“Outrageous Art”

9 am–12 pm or 1 pm -4 pm,  Mondays through Thursdays

Outrageous Art camp will allow young artists to develop creative confidence,      experiment with unusual materials, work together, discover famous artists, and have fun getting messy.  Try shaving cream art, splatter paint, giant marble painting, sculpture, and more! Click the link below to register for Camp 2:



THIRD SESSION July 8‐July 18

“Scientific Explorers”

9 am–12 pm or 1 pm -4 pm,  Mondays through Thursdays

Junior scientists and explorers will travel to the land of dinosaurs for bone digs and explore space to conduct out-of-this-world experiments. There will be discoveries made both indoors and out, and there will be plenty of opportunities to get a little messy! Click the link below to register for Camp 3:



FOURTH SESSION July 22‐August 1

“Storytellers and Music Makers”

9 am–12 pm or 1 pm -4 pm,  Mondays through Thursdays

Enjoy stories and music from around the world and from our imaginations. Write and illustrate books, act in plays, be puppeteers, make musical instruments and form a band. Special guests will share their gifts of story and music. Singing, dancing, reading and writing stories—hot fun in the summertime! Click the link below to register for Camp 4:



Attending 2x/Week or 4 days Per Session: $100

Attending 4x/Week or 8 days Per Session: $200

Discount for Parent Volunteer Days–$20 per volunteer day (availability limited)

After May 1, 2019,  all camp registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please carefully consider your summer plans and finalize decisions prior to May 1.